Forty Creek

Nanaimo Bar
Espresso Martini

Drawing inspiration from the quintessential Canadian dessert table mainstay: the Nanaimo bar; this sweet treat.

The star ingredient of this martini is Forty Creek Nanaimo Bar Cream which is crafted with fresh dairy cream and features flavours of milk chocolate, buttercream, and vanilla custard.

Undeniably Canadian, indisputably good.

We've brought together our award-winning Canadian whisky with one of Canada's most loved desserts to create an innovative addition to our Cream Liqueur range.

Inspired by the iconic Canadian dessert, Nanaimo Bar Cream Liquor is crafted with fresh dairy cream, delicately blended with our award-winning Forty Creek whisky to create flavours of chocolate, vanilla, coconut and graham cracker.


1 oz

Forty Creek Nanaimo Bar Cream Liquor

1/2 oz


1/2 oz


Step by step

Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice and shake until chilled.
Strain into chilled coupe glass.
Top with coffee beans.



Glass Type



Coffee & Chocolate


Fall & Winter

More About
Nanaimo Bar Espresso Martini
If you have ever struggled between an extra helping of dessert or a cocktail to wrap up a wonderful evening, this Nanaimo Bar Martini recipe is for you
Elevating the traditional espresso martini with whisky, especially Nanaimo Bar Whisky Cream, is probably the most Canadian thing that could ever happen to Italian coffee. For best results, use real espresso coffee (not instant) and put the coffee in the freezer for a few minutes after brewing to chill it first.
And don’t forget to add three coffee beans on top. Traditionally, the three coffee beans that float atop the Italian liqueurs are called La Mosca (the fly) and are meant to represent health, wealth, and happiness.
The Nanaimo Bar Espresso Martini is for any occasion when you need a little more Canadian dolce in your vita.


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