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Whisky Guild

Welcome to
the Guild

Welcome to
the Guild
Mastery comes down to knowledge. By registering for these courses, you are investing in your development as a patron of Canadian whisky.

You will get hands-on experience with the people who changed the game of whisky forever, along with the people who have their eyes on the horizon for where whisky can go.

Joining the guild is an official certification that signifies your mastery of whisky, along with a credential that will elevate your position in the world of food and drink.

Must be legal drinking age to attend the courses.

Course 1

How to make a great whisky cocktail

When it comes to a great-tasting cocktail, you need more than a delicious mix. It takes the right glassware, the right ingredients, and the right technique.

Nick Kennedy, Aldo Pescatore-Tardioli and Jess Mili are award-winning bartenders behind some of Toronto’s best bars. For the first class, participants will learn how to make the perfect cocktail with Forty Creek. This includes understanding the right glassware, crafting artful garnishes, learning new mixing techniques and more.

During this session you will learn to make a smoked maple old fashioned and a bespoke whisky sour - and of course, get to enjoy your creations.


Course 2

The World of Whisky with Forty Creek

Forty Creek Brand Ambassador, Chris Thompson is someone who has lived and breathed whisky for many, many years.

Having tasted almost every whisky around, Chris will take you on a journey to discover whiskies around the world and demonstrate what sets Canadian whisky apart. He’ll also cover how Forty Creek influenced what we know of Canadian whisky today.

Participants will be challenged with identifying different aromas and tastes in several different Forty Creek whiskies.

Note, you must have an active booking for Course 1 to gain access to book Course 2.

Course 3

The Art of Aging

Our Forty Creek Whisky designation concludes with the Master Blender himself. Bill Ashburn will provide a glimpse into his mastery of wood treatment tasting and an in-depth discussion about how wood affects whisky.

Participants will get the opportunity to taste our wood treated series of whiskies – Unity, Victory and Resolve. As well as taste Double Barrel and Confederation Oak before and after the secondary aging.

The class also includes Bill's telling of Forty Creek's history and a distillery tour.

Participants that complete the final course will receive a personalized certificate and Forty Creek cocktail kit worth $65.

Note, you must have an active booking for Course 1 & 2 to gain access to book Course 3.

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