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Inspired by the Canadian treats we grew up with, our award-winning creams are crafted with fresh dairy cream and Forty Creek whisky.

Smooth, Whisky-Forward Flavour of Forty Creek Cream Liquor

Bill Ashburn and John Hall were already making waves in the Canadian Whisky World. With the release of the Barrel Select and Double Barrel expressions, the Canadian Whisky Industry began to pay attention. In the spirit of innovation, Bill began to look for his next challenge. That's when he began to consider Cream Liquors.

At the time, he saw a gap in the market. The Canadian Whisky Industry took notice when the Barrel Select, Double Barrel, and Original Three Grain expressions were released. It's this whisky-forward idea that brought Bill to the realisation: Forty Creek had to make a truly great Cream Liquor.

For Bill, the combination of Canadian whisky, its playfulness and its innovative approach, went hand in hand with the idea of a cream liqueur. Bill knew that whisky and cream were a classic combination. The combination with fresh dairy cream elevated the traits of his whisky in a way that he'd never seen in a cocktail.

The Forty Creek team spent years sourcing the best ingredients and meticulously testing Bill’s recipe. Finally, we released the Forty Creek Cream Liqueur in 2013, followed up by our Nanaimo Bar Cream Liquor in 2020.

The taste of Forty Creek cream liquor is unmatched, highlighting our whisky-forward flavour profile. Our Original Cream matches our award-winning Forty Creek whisky with fresh Canadian cream. This has created a spicy-rye flavour profile with a velvety-caramel finish.

Our Nanaimo Bar Cream is inspired by the iconic Canadian dessert. It delicately blends Forty Creek whisky with flavours of vanilla, chocolate and coconut.

The flavour profiles of our whisky cream expressions are delicious on their own or over ice. Or create the perfect brunch pairing with fresh coffee or strong espresso with any of the Forty Creek creams.

Looking for your new favourite nightcap? The Nanaimo Bar Espresso Martini elevates the Forty Creek Nanaimo Cream to the next level.

The industry has taken note. After its release, our Original Cream has won Gold Medals from the Canadian Whisky Awards and the Beverage Tasting Institute. Eventually, we walked away with the Gold Medal for Flavoured Whisky Of The Year in 2017.

Our Nanaimo Cream has also made waves, being awarded the Best Cream Liqueur Award at the Canadian Whisky Awards in 2022.

From its very conception, the Forty Creek Cream Expressions were unlike any other cream liqueur on the market. Instead of shying away from spirits, our master blender focused on a whisky-forward cream liqueur. He chose to pair it with high-quality ingredients that highlight the characteristics of the whisky rather than overshadow it.

Experience the smooth but spicy flavour yourself. Order direct from our distillery or find your local retailer.

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