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We blend more than just whisky at the Forty Creek Distillery. Our maple liqueur is our online best-seller and we also blend a delectable spiced rum that's worthy of any cocktail. Looking for a smooth vodka? Prince Igor is about to be your new go-to.

Canadian Liqueurs, Brandy, Rum, and Vodkas from Forty Creek

From the beginning of our history, Canadian distillers have never shied away from experimentation when it came to Canadian Liqueurs and Spirits.

Early on British and French colonizers began distilling spirits from their homelands. Soon enough, they began experimenting with local berries, roots, and other botanicals to produce flavoured vodkas, gins, brandies and rums.

While the original production was considered 'medicinal', there was no doubt a bit of 'recreational sampling' happening at the time.

Commercial production of spirits really began to take off in Canada in the 19th century. However, it's only within the last 50 years that Canadian distillers and blenders have been favouring and experimenting with smaller-batch artisan liqueurs.

From the very beginning, Forty Creek was founded with the idea of innovation and experimentation. While our Master Blender's passion for experimental whisky remains at the core of Forty Creek's identity and expressions, we are not a distillery that “colours strictly within the lines".

Over the years, Bill Ashburn's curiosity has led to the creation of a number of distinctly Canadian liqueurs and spirits.

Firstly, Harry's Hurrican Rum came from Bill's experimentation with ageing different types of spirits in different types of barrels and wood. The result: a distinctly Canadian rum with inspiration from its Caribbean counterparts.

Secondly: our Oh Canada Maple Syrup liqueur. Another one of Bill's inventions: this whisky-based liqueur is made with quality Canadian whisky and a touch of Maple Syrup. The resulting liquid is a uniquely Canadian liqueur that is sure to be a hit are your next gathering (or even in your mid-morning coffee).

Discover the full range of Forty Creek liqueurs and keep an eye out for Bill’s next experimental expression.

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