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Looking to elevate your whisky drinking experience? Look no further than our whisky cocktail kits! With premium whisky, hand-picked ingredients, and easy-to-follow recipes, you'll be mixing up delicious cocktails in no time. Perfect for entertaining or unwinding after a long day, get ready to shake things up with a Forty Creek Whisky cocktail kit.

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Cocktails were originally written about as 'a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters" in 1806. While that definition has a level of timelessness to it, we have definitely come a long way from there.

While some distillers might shy away from serving their spirits in cocktails, the multi-layered nature of Canadian whisky means that it's as perfect in a cocktail as it is on its own.

Since 1992, the Forty Creek Distillery has been creating and blending some of Canada’s most innovative quality whiskies and liqueurs.

When asked about how best to serve his whiskies, our Master Blender Bill Ashburn does not hold any pretension. Whiskies, in Bill’s words, are meant to be enjoyed however you like to enjoy your whisky.

The Barrel Select Whisky, arguably the whisky that announced Forty Creek to the world, was conceived in the vein of creating a spirit that was just as good in a cocktail, highball, or neat.

It is in this same tradition that we offer our range of custom cocktail kits, all featuring our award winning spirits and liqueurs.

Among home bartenders, our cocktail kits have unmatched value. As with our whisky itself, all cocktail kits feature the highest quality mixes from local purveyors (usually within 100 km radius of our distillery in Grimsby). We’ve created a collection of cocktail kits that allow you to have world-class cocktails at home.

What are Forty Creek Cocktail Kits?

We offer a range of cocktail-making kits that are best suited for the flavours and nuances of our Blended Whisky.

As an award-winning Canadian Whisky distillery, our whiskey cocktail kits take the classic whisky standards but add a Canadian twist. Our kits feature unique cocktail recipes, from our Maple Old Fashioned to our Hibiscus Manhattans. Our cocktail kits, like our whisky, use the highest quality Canadian ingredients to enhance your cocktail experience.

Our Cocktail Kit Partners and Collaborators

We pride ourselves on creating a truly local and unique beverage. That’s why we partner with small local Canadian businesses whenever possible. Our cocktail kits are no exception.

With partners like Niagara’s own KVAS Beverage Company and Gananoque’s Maiden Voyage Cocktail Co, we’ve created a range of cocktail kits that are perfect for entertaining (and impressing) guests, enjoying in a moment of peaceful solitude, or as a gift box for the cocktail lovers in your life.

Why We Love Our Cocktail Kits

Our cocktail kits bring you the quality experience of a cocktail bar right at home. Rather than sourcing the perfect mix for your Forty Creek whisky, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you in our expertly curated portioned kits.

But this convenience does not come at the cost of quality. Our unique Canadian cocktail mixes matched with our award-winning whiskies will surely impress you and your guests.

The First Forty Creek Whisky was created as an ode to whisky cocktails. Our cocktail kits continue to live that tradition today. Try your favourite Canadian whisky paired with your new favourite Canadian cocktail mixes and ingredients. Order today to try it out at home.

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