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Whisky Weekend

Whisky Weekend 2020 is Going Virtual. This has been a year like no other. We’ve all been challenged to find new ways of doing everything in our daily lives… [READ MORE]

Honours And Awards

Starting small in 1992 to being one of Canada’s top whisky brands today, our team’s unshakeable commitment to the whisky-making craft is our primary tenet. [READ MORE]

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Whisky Drinks

Simply straight forward cocktails for all your special occasions. Like after work… [READ MORE]

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The Straight Story.

Welcome to Forty Creek

In 1992 our Founder, John Hall, and Master Blender, Bill Ashburn, joined forces to carve out a bold new path for Canadian whisky. A relentless challenge that took eight years to plan, perfect, and produce.

In early 2000, Canada had its first taste of Forty Creek Whisky. From day one, there was no denying that Forty Creek was a force destined to change the Canadian whisky landscape…. [READ MORE]