Honey Spiced (Spike)

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Originally named Spike, Honey Spiced is a spicy but subtly-sweet flavoured whisky that is a true delight. It is a complex blend that’s easy to drink in your favourite whisky cocktails.

Bill Ashburn’s exploration into flavoured whiskies has led to this extraordinary blend of Forty Creek whisky infused with the flavour of honey and a selection of spices, resulting in a middle ground between bourbon and rye, with a sweet spice.


In stock


Bright, deep gold colour


Bold aromas of honey, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar are fused with toasty oak, dried fruit and dark chocolate


Rich and sweet, with flares of brown spices and hints of butterscotch


Spices linger on the finish


40% ABV


The perfect mixer to spice up any cocktail

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