The Forager

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Inspired by Canada's untamed wilderness, the Forager whisky is the world’s first botanical Canadian whisky.

Foraged from the Canadian wilderness, searching far and wide to respectfully and responsibly hand pick the finest natural botanicals to steep into our award-winning whisky.

The Forager takes 3 year aged whisky and steeps it in 5 wild Canadian botanicals, including juniper berries, Labrador tea, mugwort, sweet fern, and spruce tips. This creates a lighter style whisky with intricate, interwoven flavours and ultra-silky texture.

The result is a unique whisky and gin alternative, with light flavours like fresh cut pine and a hint of candied citrus, balanced with toffee and a long peppery finish. Perfect for a summer whisky.


In stock


Light, golden colour


Bright citrus and light toffee, pine needles and straw


Lively white pepper, flares of sandalwood and pine evolve on the palate


Great minerality, herbs and baking spices dominate the finish with diminishing acidity


40% ABV


Mix with tonic water over ice

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