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The strength and spice of a rye whisky, with the sweet finish of a caramel-rum. The Foxheart is unique blend of whisky with a touch of 12 year Caribbean rum to create a spicy, sweet finish with a lingering toasted oak finish.

The best of the best. That’s where the passion lies for Forty Creek Master Blender, Bill Ashburn. For decades, he’s crafted world-renowned whiskies. With this latest expression, Bill has created something worthy of his other great passion – world champion dog breeding.

Foxheart, the name that’s also home to his world champion dogs, imbues a life spent delivering the extraordinary. Here, his most innovative expression yet, brings together the finest Canadian whisky with an infusion of premium 12-year-old Caribbean rum to deliver an exceptionally well-rounded taste of oak, spice and fruit.


In stock


Warm, golden colour


Vanilla and oak with hints of stewed fruits and banana


Creamy with sweet tropical fruit, hints of molasses and lingering peppery spices, then cream sherry, dark fruits and barrel tones


Multi-layered, lush and very approachable


40% ABV


Neat or over ice

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