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Our Founder

John Hall, the founder of Forty Creek, expanded on his career as a winemaker to become a whisky maker in 1992.

They say if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. This blessing has graced John Hall, founder of Forty Creek Distillery and creator of Forty Creek Whisky. With over 40 years in the beverage alcohol industry, John finds every moment an exciting taste adventure.

For the first two decades, John won wide recognition in the  Niagara wine industry as a winemaker and industry leader.  But after 22 years, he was ready to embrace a new challenge and explore the craft of distilling spirits.

In 1992 he started his Distillery in Grimsby. His passion was to make hand - crafted Ontario made spirits. Little did he know, 18 years later, his passion and patience would translate into top selling spirit brands. 

His passion for whisky making has garnered him double gold and gold medals at numerous international tasting competitions, rating his whiskies the #1 best tasting Canadian whiskies. In 2007, Hall was recognized by Malt Advocate Magazine as “Pioneer of the Year”, and was the first and only Canadian whisky maker to receive such a prestigious award.  In 2017, John was honoured with the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Whisky Awards.

John reinvigorated Canadian whiskies, changing the game with fresh energy and a renewed attention to innovation and flavour before all else.

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