Double Barrel

New look, same award-winning whisky.

An extra-aged whisky that is a true celebration of the intricate and subtle flavours imparted by barrel aging.

Our Double Barrel Reserve is named after the unique process of double aging: first, the individual rye, barley and corn whiskies are extra-aged in a variety of barrels before being masterfully blended. After blending, the liquid goes through up to 2 years of secondary aging in Bourbon barrels handpicked from Kentucky.

The resulting whisky blends the spiciness of Canadian grain whisky with the sweetness and mellowed characteristics of bourbon.



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Deep amber gold in colour


Vanilla notes, highlighted with toasted spice, pecan and walnuts


Big and full-flavoured, with luscious caramel, vanilla and rich spice


A smooth, elegant and balanced whisky with an extra-long, mellow finish and a touch of pepper


40% ABV


A fine sipping whisky

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