Last Run Collection

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Order your piece of Forty Creek history as the bottles you know - Double Barrel, Copper Pot and Spike have their last run off the bottling line and transition to our new Niagara Whisky bottles for Barrel Select, Copper Bold and Honey Spiced.

Our bottles may have a new look, but they are the same award-winning whisky. Each bottle will be hand numbered* to mark this milestone in our history. The Last Run Collection makes the perfect gift or collector's item.

The Last Run Collection includes;

750ml NEW Double Barrel - numbered 750ml NEW Copper Bold - numbered 750ml NEW Honey Spiced - numbered 750ml Original Double Barrel - numbered 750ml Original Copper Pot - numbered 750ml Original Spike – numbered

The Last Run – Numbered Bottle Collection will start shipping on September 15 (just in time for Whisky Weekend).
*  Numbered bottles will be distributed on a first sold basis. Specific numbers cannot be reserved.


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